Some girls get designer bags and stuff, but I put stuff like books on mine.Age: 23Location: San Francisco, CASalary: k on average Paycheck Amount: It varies.

Before this app, if you didn’t have a bus pas of some kind, you had to have exact change to use the buses because the drivers didn’t accept cards and they couldn’t give change.

Now however you just need to download this app, connect it to your credit card and buy a ticket on the go and have it ready the next time you have to take the bus.

Student Loan Payments: $325Utilities: $235MUNI BART pass: $83Phone Bill: $115Health Insurance: $268High-Speed Internet: $60Netflix: $10Tidal: $20Savings: At least $1,200 a month.

I'm saving for grad school (I want to be a psychologist). I usually go out to at least pick up lunch because I can end up cooped in my place for days on end working and sleeping if I don't!

Once I'm done, I eat the rest of my lunch for dinner and have a few seaweed snacks before getting ready for work.9 p.m. Most days, it takes me an hour to get ready, with hair and makeup. — I eat some soup and an almond-butter-and-banana sandwich (realizing I eat a lot of bananas) before work.10 p.m. I don't feel up for any private or group chats today, so I do a few special themed shows on my main channel: I have a strip show, shower on camera, use coconut oil, and paint my toenails naked. I buy a large coffee on the way to a cardio barre class. — I work in the main channel for a little bit, then hop on a 60-minute private Skype show.

There are some days when I just put concealer on, though. to 2 a.m., sometimes earlier or longer depending on how much is coming in. — I eat a bowl of granola with a banana before working for a little bit, since I took the night off. I have a ginger beef quinoa bowl with a hibiscus kombucha, and we split an order of spring rolls. — I go to Sephora and pick up concealer and highlighter. — My Glossier Balm Dot Com I ordered a while ago comes in the mail. I make 6.15 (all in tips), finish up working, eat some soup, and finally go to bed. coffee, plus I re-up my five-pack of classes for . — Again, since I have a lot of frequent viewers, I like to do new things to keep them coming back. I don't like anything that looks vulgar or plastic, so I buy things that are pretty and unique. — I order a salad and burger on Seamless to eat while I watch Netflix before work. This only happens once a month with a regular, but I get 0 for the Skype session.

This week, I earned ,188.95, which was extremely lucrative. It comes in waves; checks are slightly bigger or smaller depending on how much I work in a pay period.

Number of roommates: 0Monthly Expenses Rent: ,195.

I live in a studio that is obscenely priced, but my building is safe.