Case by case, veterinarians and their professional staff must overcome the defeatist attitude about cancer therapy by dispelling negative notions, one by one.

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Veterinarians and their staff can kindly and respectfully help sustain a quality life for the terminal pet during the last days of the people-pet bond When a pet is injured, gets sick, gets old, or has arthritis the question of home care comes up.

How much care is a pet owner willing to provide to an ailing pet?

After an initial consultation with the primary veterinarian and a thorough consultation with a specialist regarding options for curative treatment or palliation, the owner will struggle with finances, logistics, love, guilt and grief.

Then they either accept the challenge to treat their pet’s illness or decline therapy.

It is also important to refrain from suggesting or insisting on euthanasia as the next best option if the pet is not treated as initially recommended.

Let the pet owner know that pain relief and ways to make the pet more comfortable is available while they are trying to make a decision regarding therapy.

Most pet owners have preconceived notions about cancer and its treatment.

Obvious biases and ingrained feelings regarding cancer may cause a negative approach towards its treatment in geriatric pets.

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