We won’t be going back to Pet Smart; it’s no telling what’s going on when we’re (pet owners) not looking. Kanter, I am reaching out to you to let you know that I found your company email very deceptive and unprofessional. I had my order in my Pet Smart online shopping basket to only find out the 15% off on orders over 0 was no longer valid. The email states the offer is good through January 15. He was not interested in hearing anything I wanted to ask or say. I felt he and your organization Pet Smart could care less about me the customer.

Spoke to customer service in florida and they showed no remorse or concern think it is time to lauch law suit Reply paul nusgart, to get “bit on the hand” YOU put your hand down to the dog – your fault. Reply Okay, I have given Pet Smart ample time to address an issue I presented to them.

You should have known better, you should have asked the owner if you could “pet” the dog. My dog, Dexter Losoya, was groomed at Pet Smart on October 12th.

Then another groomer put her dog down on the floor and walked over to “B” and I and said that she will checked to see if my dog was matted.

Everything was fine when I first walked in, however, shortly afterwards the groomers looked at me kind of funny. When “B” came out she started entering my information such as, ‘Has he been treated for fleas, etc.”?

I was attacked by a customers dog and bitten twice on my left hand.

Had trouble getting a band aid and they showed no care and never followed up to find out how i was doing.The customer service representative told me that they couldn’t give out that information but they would send an email of my complaint to the local store manager.The local store manager left me a voice mail but I didn’t bother returning her call because she is just as young and immature as Justin the assistant manager.We made him rest and didn’t take him to chase his ball, hoping it would heal.His leg got worse and it actually moved to both legs. By 10 days out of grooming, he had gone from a sore leg, to not being able to be touched.I also told Justin that I had driven from the other side of town during my lunch break to bring my dog there to get a bath.