It once roamed throughout Wisconsin, one of three wild cats native to the state, along with the bobcat and Canada lynx.

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There are many things we know and don’t know about cougars in the Midwest, Dr.

Clay Nielsen of Southern Illinois University Carbondale said during his Endangered Wolf Center Speaker Series appearance Jan. Cougar confirmations have increased considerably, he said in his presentation titled “Increasing Presence of Cougars in the Midwest.” Since August 2003 there have been 150 cougar confirmations in the Midwest.

Two photos were taken early in the morning on the same day, same property, on two different trail cameras, northeast of Merrill.

Eight days later, two different photos were taken on a property, south of Antigo.

Enjoy the natural world as it unfolds in real time in front of our cameras.

Idaho has, over the years, greatly expanded the number of web cams.

The DNR is interested in receiving reports on cougar observations in the state.

Please use the large mammal observation form and include details of the exact location, time, date and description of the animal.

The properties are about 23 miles apart and has the potential to be the same cougar moving in an easterly direction.