Nevertheless, she has also lost a good amount of weight in the past., which is an effort of Cynn's to bring you closer to her fashion world.

One can shop choosing their favorites from Cynn's fashion line or from other designer and gain fashion tips, insights and comparison from Cynn.

She sang the song at an suicide awareness event in New York (we didn't know she was a natural singer). But, it must be high because she is not your average model.

Eventually, talented model Erica would established herself as a singer, first by posting her video songs on Youtube and later signing the record label Dollaz Unlimited (Let's not even speak about Rich Dollaz saga here, will need an extra chapter for that). They have used several words like caring and loving to describe one another.

Also, in an interview, Cynn has said that she is not a lesbian, and showcasing love for someone like she did on the show was quite hard for her. In an interview, Cynn stated that humble Ray (he was her mysterious boyfriend) counterbalances her crazy personality.

Since summer 2016, former Love & Hip Hop stars Cyn Santana and Joe Budden have been going strong and people definitely feel a way about it.

From people definitely co-signing the romance between the model and the rapper to people questioning life because they can’t believe Joey bagged someone like Cyn, the reactions run the gamut.

Those who were following Cynn Santana and Ereca Mena's saga since the beginning know how Hollywood can be a crazy place to live. Born on October 12, 1992, Cynn Santana is best known as a video-humorist, social magnet, reality TV star, model, fashion entrepreneur/designer, singer and philanthropist. She first rose to fame as a video vixen on You Tube doing impressions of popular celebrities including Nicki Minaj, Kat Stacks and Ray J.

On this lovely day, we will be speaking more about multi-dimensional Cynn, and well, less about multidimensional Ereca.

Amazingly, her videos started getting viral since their release.

She is not just popular because of her impersonations, but also because she adds her character to the videos she makes. In an interview in the past, she said that she knows she and Erica are little crazy in nature.

About three weeks ago, Cyn posted a photo of her with Joey B sitting by the pool that got people talking.