She can text you, tweet at you, share a funny cat video on your Facebook wall, give you a quick video or photo on Snapchat and oh yeah, call you.

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In this instance you’re essentially the woman because the sales folks in the store are approaching you like you would approach ladies – in either instance a “no” can be dropped on the pursuer – the dreaded REJECTION CARD.

When you come into a store, do you like the salesperson to be up in your grill the minute you walk in giving you a high pressure pitch, especially if you’ve let them know “you’re just looking.” Flip that around into your dating life and you’ll begin to see the point I’m trying to get across.

Guys think compliments are to love as to what oil is to your car engine – just keep a steady supply in there and everything will run smooth.

Unfortunately, in keeping with our car analogy theme, too many compliments is like pouring sugar in the gas tank – they cause everything to break down.“Women love to be complimented” is what you probably think and it’s common – but they love to be complimented by someone they have a relationship with.

That’s all you can do guy – you can present your product – you – and there is no way any amount of badgering or high pressure will sell you to her.

Your job on a date is to treat her with respect, make sure she has fun and wants to go out with you again – without the pressure that doesn’t work on you in stores nor her when she’s out with you.

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All that time Donatella’s interest was going from 90%..88%..85%..82%, etc.

Challenge is a concept I teach via my dating relationship education course called and I won’t go into that too heavily here except to say that when most every guy likes a girl he wants to be as available as possible to her because she seems to want his attention. She seems really into you so why not give her what she wants – more of you?

The problem is that women get more interested when they have to chase you – why do you think the “bad boy” is the one that she ends up with more often than not?

The product you’re selling is YOU – and like a salesperson at a store, you have to catch the attention of the people that are browsing – in this case women that are browsing for guys.