Ballam for rendering the music at the church; also all those who sent wreaths, letters, cards and messages of sympathy. A large gathering of relatives and friends followed the remains to the church and grave side.

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) Wednesday, February 5, 1941Obituary The death of Mr. Porter, occurred at their home at Petries Crossing, Thursday, June 1, at ten minutes to five, after an illness of several months. Porter was formerly Miss Dorcas Ellen Miles, of Bonavista, but came to Bay of Islands after her marriage forty-three years ago. The funeral took place Sunday afternoon to St Mary's Church, and was conducted by Rev. John's newpapers in the early days by residents of the Bay of Islands, as well as the news items, editorials and letter appearing in our Western Star since it was first published just fifty years ago. George's compiled a series of articles on the Acadians-French speaking people of Nova Scotia-and their influence on the development of Western Newfoundland. With the LEBLANCS came the BENOITS, GAUDETS, BLANCHARDS, DOUCETTES, CORMIERS, TESSEAUS, DELANEYS, ALEXANDERS, YOUNGS - the later two names having been changed from PIERROT and LEJEUNE. WHITE states that Etienne and Celectine LEBLANC came from Margaree, Cape Breton, to Indian Creek -the name originally given to Stephenville- around the year 1840.

George HUNT occurred at his home in Petries Crossing last Wednesday morning after a long illness. She lived at Mount Moriah and raised a family of two sons and five daughters. Many stories were also written by visitors to our shore for American, Canadian and English publications, and these give vivid discriptions of life here many years ago. Like other families, the LEBLANCS brought their animals, their seed grains, their farming instruments, their looms for weaving and other articles with them.

Some old timers have informed us that in their boyhood days they had heard their grandparents refer to the Jersey Settlement which as far as we can place was the present location of Christopher's Cove below Summerside; and that Indians had raided the settlement and massacred all the Jersey people who had settled there. These young men remained here, amongst them were the late Henry Mc WHIRTER of Humbermouth, the late John HAYES of Petries... After BURNS and MURRAY had purchased the mill from Mr. John's had established a branch at Humbermouth and another at Petries; of St. According to his story, a Henri L'OFFICIAL came to Quebec during the early part of the 18 century from his native France.

It has not been possible to get any dependable data on this assertion. One of the oldest inhabitants here some years ago told me the place was first known to him eighty years before as Chateau or (ie Corner Brook) was the grandfather or great-grandfather of the present older members of the GUSHUE family residing on Main Street.... It was in that year (ie 1879) that BURNS and MURRAY of Halifax purchased the sawmill from a Mr. BURNS and MURRAY had bought a number of expert axe-men here from Nova Scotia and Baie de Chaleur, N. There he met and subsequently married a French-Canadian lass whose name was Nanette.

Porter was a former native of Elliston, Bonavista Bay, and came to Bay of Islands a number of years ago, since when he has been prominent in the herring packing business. As far as is known, no precise history of th early days on this coast has ever been written.

Frank Barrett, Huntingdon, Que.; and Margaret at home. He is survived by his wife, six sons: Leslie, Herbert, Joseph, and Augustus at home; Arthur at Deer Lake, and Albert at Toronto, Canada; and four daughters, Mrs. Even the tourist industry was a flourishing one and hundreds of American tourists spent their annual vacations along the banks of the streams of Newfoundland's west coast or hunting the caribou in the autumn and winter.

They met with adverse weather, however, and the frail boat was driven ashore some miles north of Bay St. After spending a cold and hungry winter there, the young couple made their way to Sandy Point the following summer and made their home with the residents of what was at that time the chief place in the Bay. There is no trace of the son, but it is known that one of the daughters married in Cape Breton while the other formed an alliance with a Frenchman born on the passage from France. George's- Port-au-Port - Bay of Islands areas, and it is from these that we have such family names in our midst today.

Although the popular belief today is that Curling was-before the advent of the huge newsprint mills at Corner Brook in 1925-the chief settlement in the Bay of Islands, this is definitely not according to the official records.

He had been ill for some months, and his death will be regretted by his many friends. The funeral service was held on Sunday afternoon from his late residence, 211 Rockdale Avenue, and was largely attended. Bay of Islands, like all her neighbours, was among those places where the French and English fought their battles - sometimes battles of words, of treaties and other regulations, but nevertheless battle which left their mark on the hundreds of settlements along what is known as the Treaty Shore.

Dennis would have celebrated their 53, 1945 Obituary Jack Seury The death occurred at the City Hospital, Sydney, at an early hour on Friday, December 22, of Jack Seury. Florence Cann, Sydney; on sister, Mrs Alfred Morrison, New Glasgow; and one brother, Fred, at home. These people had but one determined goal-to make life worthwhile in their adopted land, and today, just a century later, it is certainly safe to say that goal has been reached beyond even their fondest hopes and prayers.

Jan 27th, 1945 Obituary Joseph Dennis There passed away at his home at John’s Beach on January 11, Joseph Dennis, aged 77. Agriculture took its proper place in the fertile lands near the Humber River and in the Codroy Valley.