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The Minister for the National Economy and the Governor of the Bank of Greece chose the designs for their euro coins from a set of proposals presented by a national technical and artistic committee.

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The designer of the winning motifs was sculptor Georges Stamatopoulos, sponsored by the Bank of Greece.

There is a separate design for each denomination We have uncirculated mint sets of coins from all 12 Euro zone countries in stock now for immediate delivery..

Athens will test your stamina and the islands will bring a warm but welcome breeze.

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Katakolon, for example, may be one of the lesser-known islands, but it’s a gateway to one of the most historic Greek landmarks: ancient Olympia!

Then there’s Mykonos, an island renowned for its exciting nightlife, which is also bursting with sights to see in the sunlight, including traditional white-washed houses and famous Venetian windmills.Our Greek Euro sets are packaged in an attractive card within a 2-sided plastic case so that the coins can be viewed from both sides or removed if required.We have information about official issue mint or proof sets.An essential part of any European cruise, exploring the Greek Islands with Celebrity Cruises will enable you to visit unforgettable ports, sample amazing food and understand exactly why Greece is still so popular with holidaymakers of all types.Greece can be very hot with temperatures in the 30s Celsius over the summer months.This was followed by the period of Classical Greece, an era that began with the Greco-Persian Wars, lasting from the 5th to 4th centuries BC.