while serving as a MS in the cong and studying with a young man we discussed the blood issue... When i was 2 years old, both my parents joined jw, they were introduced to the religion through one of my father's relatives.. Discovered women and became a father at 19 and although I was a good father, wasn't going to be forced into marriage before I was ready which pressured my girlfriend into wanting to be 'accepted'. My mom learned of JWs when she was 8, and her family has been witnesses ever since. I was a wild child in some ways during my teens and left home very young. This has been a healing experience for me and will prove to be helpful in the deprogramming and healing of others. They told me that I will be treated as someone who is disfellowed and that means I can't have any interaction with my mom who is a JW.I went and did extra research and was surprised how much had actually changed also the physical quantities of some major... I wish i knew my parents before they joined the religion but i was too young to.. She married another brother (a so-called friend) and in doing so... My dad learned of it when he met my mom through work. Now someone please tell me, how do they figure that the same rule... Although honestly I used to Defend the Jehovah's witnesses when their critics would come up because at least I don't believe in Eternal Damnation and hellfire!I took the time to write a letter to her, and as I was doing so, I thought this could be of help to others facing similar situations.

If the family wants you to convert or drags you into a discussion at the wedding, don’t fall for the bait.

Simply say that these matters must be discussed at a later time.

My father, while he would sometimes study the publications, go to meetings and to the yearly Memorial, never entered this religion and would often harshly criticize it... I was married to a ministerial servant and was a pioneer for many years, lived in South America for many years serving where the need was great. when our questions are not allowed and our doubts are punished, when contacts and friendships outside the organization are censored, we are being abused for an end that never justifies its means. You say the rules are harsh, but they are for protection...

for being in love with my first love from High School. When our heart aches knowing that we have made friendships and secret attatchments... It's always good to know that we aren't completely alone in our experiences (as I have also seen on the "I Don't Like Dogs Very Much" blog) but it's also hard to see how so many people have been hurt so deeply. You know the backgrounds behind holidays and yet some choose to celebrate them.

I am NOT against Jehovahs witnesses or any other religion for that matter. I am simply conveying a message to hopefully help or comfort someone who may be in a similar position. I'm afraid of myself I use to be a Jehovah's Witness they say the world is going to end millions of people are suppose to die and your suppose to be happy about that but I'm not so I don't do it anymore but feel somewhat guilt for not. Hi all, my name is Nadia Powers and I first want to say I'm really inspired by all of you former JW's coming forward and telling your stories. I'm 20 years old, and I was born to two Jehovah's Witness parents. But then I realized I had friends who were EX Jws now who FREAKING CAN'T... A bit about me- I was 'born-in" the Jehovah Witness culture.

I am an ex-JW not because I took issue with any doctrinal beliefs. The family I grew up in was extremely dysfunctional- full of untreated mental and emotional illnesses and ignored abuses. Jhovah's Witness Bookmark and Share My name is Adrian.My so called friend told her Father I was not a virgin and made sure I was disfellowshipped because a boy that she liked was interested in me. You know what the bible says about blood, and yet you say...So to get even she told her Father an so called "Elder" brought me in front of... I got baptized and raised my 2 children in the "truth". I was born and raised in to the Religion of Jehovahs Witnesses. When I was about 16 I started to just not care anymore about what the "rules" were.Although the groom-to-be might be headed for a train wreck, God can come, clean up the mess, and make something beautiful out of a wedding that, I believe, should not have taken place. but I want to stop hiding in the dark with what happened to me, even though i was disfellowship and lost my family and witness friends as well but I've got over it now..i still have days though when its hard though. When I was two my mom started studying and she was baptized five years later. It's a little complicated how I ended up disassociated from Jehovah's Witnesses. So I know how hard it is to to stop being a JW, especially when you were raised as one your whole life.