They met when Lee Si Young was paired up with Junjin of Shinhwa in MBC variety reality show "We Got Married" in Jan09.

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action=view¤t=junjinleesiyoung.jpg"][img] like all of the members of Infinity Challenge are off the market!

Following the marriages of Park Myung Soo and Yoo Jae Suk last year and the relationship revelations of Jung Joon Ha, Jung Hyung Don, and Noh Hong Chul in the first half of 2009, Jun Jin was thought to be the only single member of Infinity Challenge.

She deserves someone who will treat her better and not be the "man" who does nothing ...

they were really cute together on WGM but if it was reality, I think she deserves someone better ... not make her do everything and he sit on a throne ... I actually hope they'll marry each other don't know why but they've got chemistry!!!

I've always hoped that at least one of the WGM couples ended up together in real life except for taeyeon and hyungdon = OMGSHHH !!

A make-believe We Got Married couple FINALLY becomes a real couple.

Jun Jin wrote on his Cyworld, “I Completely Love You”.

The actress was originally cast to be the female lead in the upcoming MBC special drama, “Gesture“, set to air this coming September 5th, but was immediately kicked to the curb once she went public about her relationship.

In addition, Lee Si Young was featured on Jun Jin’s new mini-album Like a Fool and also made an appearance in his Hey Ya music video.

Both of them also appeared in Beige’s Jijiri music video.

Their relationship is gaining more attention due to the fact that Jun Jin is the final member from Infinity Challenge to find his girl.