It's not all bad, though - the company is growing rapidly and employees are aware of that.

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Cons There are so many employees on my team it seems like everyone is not on the same page.

It has been a struggle to get replenishment orders when we run low on inventory.

Our location has a feeling of a family atmosphere which allows relaxation in the work place.

I was assigned to the Catalina division when I first started and almost immediately my supervisor ( Kelly Kirkpatrick ) noticed how my work ethic was and allowed me to excel without any interference.

The company needs more collaboration between departments to produce efficiency - this is most obvious in the void between service delivery and internal support, but can also be seen between sales and delivery.

Further, entry level employees need more investment in terms of career prospects and compensation.

Even in the GSC, Level 1 Analysts can get a pretty extensive look at how managed services are designed and delivered.

Starting pay can be competitive depending on the market.

I was later asked to take on the MNS (NSG) department because of this.