Critics have accused the Panthers of ignoring the NFL's concussion rules after the 28-year-old appeared to collapse moments after slamming into Onyemata's chest.

According to the NFL, this required the player to be removed from the field for examination in a locker room.

Memes have already started doing the rounds with taglines such as: 'Takes quarterback's handoff...

In March last year, Zeddie Little became one of the first 'ridiculously photogenic people' to sweep the web after an amateur photographer took a picture of his adorable grinning face on the last stretch of a 10K race in Charleston, South Carolina.

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But the investigation did lead to the NFL announcement of new concussion protocol last month.

Meet Cam Mc Daniel, a running back at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, whose helmet lifted clean off during a recent pile up to reveal a chiseled jaw and smoldering stare more suited to plugging designer aftershave.

'I thought somebody stuck their finger in my eye, but I've got my visor, so that couldn't happen.' He added: 'I'm frustrated.

I hate that I couldn't do enough to get a win today for a lot of guys that I think so highly of. I'm not going to take the cowardly way and point somebody else out.' But on Twitter, viewers shared memes blasting the Panthers for not following the concussion protocol.

THAT's the problem.' It comes after the Seattle Seahawks were fined 0,000 for failing to test quarterback Russell Wilson in Week 10.