The only way for them to get the product to the store shelves and have it work correctly is to have people install the updates to the software before they file their returns.

problem updating turbotax-50

You have to install the updates before you file your tax return or it could easily be wrong. Turbo Tax tries to get its product to the shelves by December for customers to buy it. The problem is; there’s always some last minute change to the tax code.

Last year, Congress changed the tax rules on December 17th.

Intuit Turbo Tax is the best tax calculation program to file tax returns over the web and on software installation CD.

Using its online version you can get many benefits, and one of them is it gets instant updates whenever available.

Second, one thing that Turbo Tax does well is that they have real people who can answer your questions.

You call the phone number and you get to talk to an Enrolled Agent who understands tax issues and the Turbo Tax software.You can tell her you’ve got a number on line 53 but it really belongs on line 29 but you can’t figure out how to make it work and she’ll guide you through it.You might pay a little more for Turbo Tax to get that service, but it’s there when you need it so don’t be afraid to use it. Turbo Tax has 5 versions of its product, plus its online applications.That was wrong; the ,000 belonged someplace else.I explained the problem and where the ,000 needed to go.Final disclaimer—if you haven’t already purchased your tax software, let me recommend clicking on the “Do Your Own Taxes” page at the top and take a walk through my 1040program.