I moved her around in numerous positions and took hundreds of pictures before I decided it was enough.

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After a few seconds I got off of her and she put her bra and shirt back on.

The rest of the day wasn’t as awkward as you might think; we just laughed the instant off and continued on. So one night I formulated a plan to make my daughter my sex toy.

I poured her another drink, this one was mostly Vodka with a little bit of pop added. She was downright wasted now.“Breanne how are you feeling?

”“gooood.” She said clumsily She tried getting up but fell back down.

I got on top of her and poured some more vodka down her mouth for good measure. Then I stripped off her skirt revealing a matching black thong. She didn’t resist at all, she didn’t even know what was going on.

I poured even more vodka down her mouth and then got up to get a camera. I took her bra off revealing her beautiful pair of tits.

She has silky blonde hair, golden tan skin, gorgeous blue eyes, sharp features, 36DD breasts, a sleek stomach, a big plump ass, and very long sexy legs.

The sight of her walking around in even very conservative clothes would give me an instant boner.

But I thought better of it, I wanted to fuck her when she was sober.

I took her hand and stuck her finger in her pussy and took a picture of it.

I made reservations at a fancy restaurant and I want you to look your best.”“Ok daddy.”After about half an hour she was ready. She looked stunning, she was wearing and elegant black dress, high heels, her hair looked amazing and her makeup was done perfectly. “Breanne I want you to look at something.”She came to the computer and I showed her the pictures I took of her the previous night.