The City will notify you in writing only if your payment amount changes.

During the review process, we recalculate your average monthly cost, take projected costs into consideration and factor in your budget balance- the difference between the amount billed and the cost of usage.

Shut Off Policy A notice of disconnection, along with a summary of customer's rights and remedies available to avoid disconnection will be mailed separately, when the customer is in arrears or no payment has been made.

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Any credit balance owed to the customer shall be first credited against the final bill and any remaining credit will be refunded to the customer.

Signing Up: In order to be eligible for Budget Billing, you must sign the Budget Billing form.

Please note, that if you are currently enrolled in our ACH program that withdraws on the 6th of the month, you will need to call City Hall and cancel that service before setting up automatic monthly payments through Xpress.

If you dont, you risk being charged by both systems.

All payments after shutoff must be paid with cash, money order, or credit card.

Long Term Arrangement: A residential or commercial customer owing a past due amount may be eligible for a payment arrangement.

How Budget Billing is Calculated: If customers have an established City of Geneseo utility usage history, the usage and cost over the previous 12 months is divided by 12 (unless it is a new account, then this is taken over 6 months).

An average monthly cost is the determined by multiplying that amount by a factor that takes into account projected utility prices.

ACH Authorization Form Online Bill Pay If you would like to pay your bill online, please visit create an online account.