The only good ones weve breed from Robyns Treasure have been by Christian Cullen (Robyns Cullen (9), Rocking Robyn (3) and Bridesdale Robyn (1).

The rest have been no bloody good but often it comes through in the next generation.

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Hes by Art Official out of Holly Robyn, a Live Or Die mare out of Robyns Treasure.

Salty Robyn has won sixteen races in Australia and $214,705 and paced a mile in 1-49.2.

You cant help but be impressed by the detailed thought thats gone into the establishment, for example the design of the box doors and gates which allow the transfer of mares and foals to happen easily and safely.

The foaling box is 6 metres square while the other two boxes are 5x4.5 metres. The Jones are only breeding from Dolly Mc D - a 12 year old Mach Three mare.

The Bettors Delight gelding settled four back on the inside after the early rush for positions with Smooth Mara leading out.

Hes got more carts than I have, said Holland with a rye smile. He had a few traffic problems just around the top but once he cleared a few tired runners he felt good, trainer driver Brendon Mc Lellan said after driving Pass The Speights to win the Mc Dowall Painting and Decorating Gore Grass Cup.

Ive got a nice American Ideal out of Real Robyn which is the same cross as Hes Watching.

Its the first foal weve had that gets around like a race horse.

She hasnt got a very good steering wheel at the moment.

Shes got a big motor and shes a lovely horse actually.

Wilson says that since Ryal Robyn was bred from in 1985, direct descendants from her have won 317 races.