Similarities in age, lithological association and depositional setting suggest that the Martin Group is broadly correlative with the Baker Lake Group of the lower Dubawnt Supergroup in Nunavut.Widespread lamprophyre dykes of the type that fed minette volcanic rocks of the Christopher Island Formation in the Baker Lake Group are also spatially associated with the Martin Group.

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We do have open spots for Annual RV’s or new Park Models.

Why is the Green Valley area perfect for your active retirement lifestyle?

The broadly coeval Hudson granites, which extend over much of the same ground as the lamprophyres in Nunavut, also appear to have analogs in the southern Rae Province.

The formation of widespread trans-tensional basins, together with extensive dyke emplacement, implies a period of intense brittle to brittle–ductile deformation throughout the western Churchill Province at about 1.83–1.82 Ga.

There’s two rental houses and the rest are occupied by retirees.

More than 50% are snowbirds who travel north in the summer and seem quite comfortable leaving their closed-up houses behind.

Residents feel secure and most seem quite comfortable closing up their homes off season.

The community is age restricted (55 ) and the population doubles during the snowbird season. It’s not fancy, it’s certainly not new and it’s surprisingly affordable. WATER WONDERLAND Sited at the confluence of the Manatee and Braden rivers our private marina has slips, lifts, dry storage, and a boat ramp.

Here’s a photo of a summer storm approaching across the river.