However Jagex found it difficult to produce a concept that could satisfy all players' expectations.

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Players can click the bag to fill it without interrupting mining. With this update the coal bag will be altered, possibly by making it an upgrade to increase the capacity of the ore bag.

A resting mechanic will be added: every so often the character will take a break from mining for around 15 seconds.

When mining the player will receive experience every time that they "strike" a rock (every 4 ticks).

The player's Mining level and pickaxe will affect how much experience is gained per strike.

Deep sea fishing is the first activity that will be released.

It is intended for release between February and April 2018.It will have several different activities including: It will involve the player looting from treasuries across Rune Scape.Players will gain experience while trying to open a safe, with a larger experience drop when successfully opening the safe.The beta will not be an open world beta and will not allow accounts to be imported.The test area will have NPCs to provide relevant items such as pickaxes.Lower tier pickaxes will not be effective in mining higher tier rocks.