Once all nodes have been upgraded, the "real" schema version will be announced.

Note: this fix is only necessary in DSE 5.1 and therefore only applies to DSE 5.1.

updating current heartbeatstatus-55

You can upgrade the file format of your snapshots using the provided 'sstableupgrade' tool.

DSE 5.1.6 ========= Upgrading --------- - seed_gossip_probability setting was added to

We prefer transparency, and folks were asking for it, so that's why I'm presenting we currently have.

I can certainly appreciate this is cryptic - we will be adding a simple way to view the installed system versions in due course.

Thus, best practice is to ALWAYS snapshot before any upgrade, just in case you need to roll back to the previous version.

(Cassandra version X 1 will always be able to read data files created by version X, but the inverse is not necessarily the case.) When upgrading major versions of Cassandra, you will be unable to restore snapshots created with the previous major version using the 'sstableloader' tool.

The root cause of this schema mismatch was a difference in the way how schema digests were computed in DSE 5.0 and DSE 5.1.

To mitigate this issue, DSE 5.1.6 and newer announce DSE 5.0 compatible digests as long as there is at least one DSE 5.0 node in the cluster.

However, DSE has supported built-in Spark since DSE 4.5 and Bring-Your-Own-Spark (BYOS) since DSE 5.0, and that support continues today.

Because Spark depends on certain Hadoop libraries on the server and the client, DSE continues to ship with Hadoop libraries that are required for running Spark and BYOS.

To view the included Hadoop libraries, see Data Stax Enterprise 5.1.x third-party software.