You can download the update here if you're an early adopter of an EVA1-series camera. Be sure to check back next time for more of the latest firmware news!

If you are using a NEO M8N GPS module you might consider updating the firmware to get more sattelite constellations available.

You can use the company's Olympus Digital Camera Updater application to bring your own TG-5 up to the current firmware version.

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Under Flash Information Structure file you should find a file named which resides in the u-center installation directory.

If your GPS module is connected using serial interface you should tick the Send Training sequence in order for the computer to detect the bootloader.

Moving along to Olympus, the new firmware version 1.1 release for the Olympus TG-5 compact camera is rather easier to describe.

Here, there are just two changes made: GPS clock accuracy has been improved, and so has the stability of connections to your computer.

You can still downgrade to an older Flash version, but I am not sure if it is possible to downgrade to the ROM version.

I haven’t found the command to do that yet, but I guess it should exist somewhere 🙂 If you know how to do that please leave a comment…

Also if you don’t want to wait to long to upload the firmware you can tick the Use this Baudrate for update check box.

Choose the baudrate to be 115200, which is around 10x faster than the default 9600 baudrate. If you didn’t change the baudrate, the bootloader will work at 9600 baud which gives whole 960 bytes of data transfer per second.

For a 500k B firmware update it will take roughly 10 minutes…