She also unbuckled my belt but could not remove the trousers because I was sitting.

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I asked what she met, and she told me that a booty-call is someone whom you call whenever you want sex.

I jokingly responded by saying that she was actually the one calls me. She said that she felt bad and called herself a whore.

I picked her with a friend who was said to be going to Kaunda Square. We dropped her friend at Kaunda Square stage 1 station and proceeded eastwards towards Chelstone.

Ruth also told me that she had shifted from Kamwala to Chelstone where she now stayed with her cousin. No sooner had the friend dropped out of the car, Ruth started touching my hands.

As we were driving, we saw a poster of Barn Motel, so we turned there and booked a room.

Ruth waited for me as I booked the room at the reception.

When I thought she was ready, I removed her syncline but struggled a bit with the pant because it was the first kind I had seen which had a string tied around the waist.

Ruth realised this and told me to just pull the string on the knot. I got it out and wanted to throw it where the skirt was, but Ruth told me to give her and she put it near her head.

Most of the times when we met, we would have a meal, drink and have intercourse wherever it was convenient.