Here is an overview and the languages we support currently: Receiving posts and messages from bugs and errors which are caused by using older versions was quite the normal.

People didn't have a way to see if a new version is out unless they checked the discord server in a regular fashion.

Xxchat p-41

We recreated that in Chatbot and added a bit more functionality to it.

Seperate overlays for each scene in the game itself (In Menu, In Game, In Replay) and also a Casting Mode which let's you set up three additional scenes when you are also casting games.

You like the voting system more but also want to use your currency?

We got you covered: Set an amount of points every vote will cost and viewers can vote with just the commands.

That means we can go wild on creating scripts for it and it will never cost you anything!

With that in mind we reworked and overhauled all our scripts and made them even better but look for yourself below.If you go live after that period of time it will automatically resets the timer and assumes you do a new stream.Note: If you don't like setting up the timer in these settings you can also do that per commands in chat. As the name tells it's a simple text-to-speech system which enables your viewers to let a voice say what they wrote in chat.We worked on some tools which work for Star Craft II exclusively and some other scripts which might be interesting for streamers in general.But let's stop talking too much and get started with a quick overview of what we created and now offer: I assume every streamer who worked with OBS knows about the OBS Scene Switcher Plugin from R1CH which switched the Scenes in OBS depending on if you're ingame or in the menu.To give you an idea how the settings would look: This script updates your stream title only on Twitch with infos you want to put in there.