He was lucky to get away from you.” I was further shamed and blamed and vilified.

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Does the groping test my ability to transcend our usual limitations? In an attempt to respect our sensibilities, I will suggest that this is the same name with which we usually refer to the defecation from a bull’s digestive tract which is used to fertilize plants.

Frankly, as some political candidates recently suggested in their distorted views on rape, women have plenty of opportunity to respond to being sexually molested.

Since I was the only one who spoke any Japanese, one woman in the group asked me: “What does it mean? I said: “It means the same thing in any language,” as I slapped his arms off of her chest and forcibly pushed him away.

Not only was there a culture barrier, but we had been instructed to be friendly to lay people since we were considered “nuns of the temple.” Was I allowed to do that or had I created an international Zen incident?

"Shih-t'ou was still a boy while the Sixth Patriarch, Hui-nêng, was yet alive; he was only thirteen years old when Hui-nêng died.

Later, he studied Zen under Hsing-szu and became one of the great teachers of the day." (Essays in Zen Buddhism – Third Series were making use of the intuitions of Zen in their own way, the Zen masters were drawn towards the philosophy of Indentity and Interpenetration advocated by the Avatamsaka, and attempted to incorporate it into their own discourses.

How much more confusing would it be to be groped as part of koan practice?

A woman would wonder, what does it mean in a private interview with a Zen teacher? I would call this atrocious behavior disguised as Zen practice by another name.

In the typical manner of the texts written in a concentrated Zen style, Shitou's work says a great deal about the fundamental premises of Zen right in the opening statement: 'The mind of the great immortal of India is intimately communicated East and West.' The great immortal of India refers to Buddha, and that mind refers to the enlightened mind.